Department of R&D

Development, optimization and innovation.

Graphicsleader counts with several success cases in the market. Whether are developments from scratch or optimizing pre-existing packages, we are continuously improving and searching for the best solutions concerning our customers ́needs.

The interdepartmental workflow gives a fast response to
both internal and external challenges in terms of development, optimization and innovation.

Study Case 1

360º Products

Development of full integrated solutions for:

  • Packaging
  • Packaging Display
  • Packaging Transportation
Study Case 2

Sensorial Marketing

Promo Developments:

  • Packaging with aroma, allying technical demands with sensorial marketing purposes.
Study Case 3

Performance with Savings

  • Changing from traditional rectangular model
    to the current pack still allowed an effective plugin.
  • Consequently, the new design made it possible to
    print more units per sheet and therefore, a significant cost saving for our customer.
  • Similar optimizations are achieved in terms of materials, transport packing, printing, color palette or even scaling adjustments.
Study Case 4

Creasing Patent

The example of introducing a creasing characteristic (patent holding) that by strengthening the structure of the pack with a reduction of more than 15% on raw materials.

Other Examples:

  • Cards Barrier
  • Scented Varnishes