Ser Graphicsleader

Say YES: Serve, Innovate and Maximize.


Graphicsleader Packaging is one of the most innovative companies I know in the carton packaging industry. They proactively propose new ideas in the area of cost reduction and value adding and some of them are effectively disruptive. Compact card just one product? For the Graphicsleader, no!

Ellen Jacobs

Paper Based Packaging Buyer. Dairy Europa.

Over the past 10 years of business together, Graphicsleader Packaging has always reacted as a true business partner.

Rui Cardoso

Direct Spend Manager, Portugal.


I am pleased to see the following generations of our families still working together, meeting four generations of the Peres family and knowing that our families are still intimate today even before they begin to work together.

António Soares Franco

CEO JSF Vinhos


It is always extremely gratifying to witness the growth and success of a family business that has had to adapt to change in order to grow sustainably and strengthen its leadership.
I believe they are the oldest companies with the most complete stories that are somehow better prepared to face the day-to-day adversities and enjoy the future. Therefore, I congratulate Graphicsleader Packaging for the vision it has shown from the beginning to the present and I wish them every success based on the quality of their management and the service they have provided to the customer for more than 100 years.

Alexandre Soares dos Santos



It is Novadona’s policy to create partnerships with our suppliers, which means that we intend to go far beyond the basic customer / supplier relationship. With Graphicsleader Packaging, this relationship, which has grown over time, has reached a level of quality of service that is only possible with suppliers striving for excellence.

Nuno Raimundo

Central de Compras.


In addition to being a high performance supplier to Nestlé, Graphicsleader Packaging is a proactive contribution to optimizing our costs. They are clearly considerations as a partner of value and trust for Nestlé Iberia.

Maïwenn Danilo

Eurpean Lead Buyer, França.

In a business environment, only competitive companies and focused partners drive success. That's why we have been partners for more than 45 years and we see Graphicsleader Packaging as an extension of our team.

Luis Zózimo

Head of Procurement, Portugal.


We see Graphicsleader Packaging as something more than a supplier, it is a partner who has adapted to respond to the reality of our day-to-day needs with a professionalism and the quality of service we always enjoy with them.

Tânia Martinho

Trade Marketing Alimentar


Graphicsleader Packaging defines what a business partner really should be. When we decided to partner with Graphicsleader, the team quickly learned the Unilever business model. I was amazed when, during a meeting discussing the scheduling of a development essay, someone at Graphicsleader said that particular day would not work since the quality manager at the Unilever plant would be down. No one from Unilever at this meeting knew this!

This demonstrates how close Graphicsleader works with its customers.

Mohammad Al-Saeed

Procurement Manager Paper & Board, NAME & Africa

Graphicsleader Packaging is a true and dedicated business partner who always looks for opportunities to grow, offering a good product with excellent service.

Wilfried Duivenvoorden

Procurement Manager Packaging Europe.


Graphicsleader Packaging has been working with Unicer for many years; winning our custom through its flexibility, logistics capacity and service in the packaging industry. And having visited the company I understand why: it is among the best I have seen anywhere in the world.

António Pires de Lima